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Company Profile

Charlotte & Ariel founding team has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic research, development, and marketing. 
In 2018 Charlotte & Ariel established its own production plant, diversified product lines GMP, ISO, and various patent manufacturing processes; in order to provide a new professional makeup brand CHARLOTTE CHIC for the Asian market.
In addition, Charlotte & Ariel not only produces high grade products for a wide range of consumers, but also builds a service hub, expecting all partners to share beauty with the world through our quality products. Through this process we can also create wealth and a bright future.
It is the corporate mission of CHARLOTTE & ARIEL to create a healthy and beautiful life for our customers. We adheres to the principle of producing products without any harmful added ingredients, and providing consumers with a high demand cosmetics in different regions. Our attention to providing high quality products also makes the company a regional leading brand of professional makeup.
Affordable Luxury Cosmetics is not just a slogan at CHARLOTTE & ARIEL, but a privilege that we strive to provide to all women. CHARLOTTE & ARIEL aspires to satisfy the desires of beauty for all women.